Matching for Healthcare

A major credit card company intended to increase number of credit card accepting healthcare providers. IncuBIT was asked to develop a matching model that allowed lists of in-network providers to be matched against the list of credit card accepting merchants to identify non-accepting prospects. The healthcare industry presents extraordinary challenges for name, address, or phone number based matching, because many MDs work for multiple hospitals or clinics and may also have private practices, each with their own credit card acceptance policy. In addition, many independent doctors work out of the same facility at the same address sharing resources such as telephones and receptionists, yet each individual doctor may have different credit card acceptance policies. IncuBIT developed data models and matching algorithms to identify non-accepting merchants and support appropriate marketing efforts. The match accuracy was extraordinarily high and exceeded the accuracy of any existing list or service available.

"[Our custom solution developed by Incubit] is an important step toward ensuring the consistent quality and security of our healthcare processes."
SVP, Fortune 100™ Company


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