Gift Card POS System for a Fortune 100 financial services company

Over 95% of annual gift card sales occur in the 4 weeks leading up to christmas. An important seller of gift cards threatened to discontinue sales of our client’s gift cards for the christmas season, because the existing web based sales application was not efficient enough in performing a sale.

The seller, a major mail and package delivery company, was extremely concerned about cannibalizing sales of its own, more profitable products, during the busy christmas season, because it would take a sales clerk valuable minutes to enter a sale. IncuBIT was contacted in September to implement a more efficient POS solution for the christmas season. IncuBIT visited several stores of the seller in person and interviewed numerous store owners and sales clerks to understand the seller’s requirements and work environment. IncuBIT was able to create a highly specialized solution that reduced the time to enter a sale by over 90%. Within 4 weeks a new, secure, and highly responsive application had been tested, gone through our client’s review processes and put online in IncuBIT’s hosted server environment. IncuBIT also created a successful training program for sellers. The application was online and used highly successfully for the busy christmas season with uptime of over 99.99%.


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